Eagle Chit Chat 主持人介紹

由美麗的 Teacher Emily 和帥氣的Teacher Ben用輕鬆、生活化的方式,在每周三晚上8:00到8:30,在ICRT陪伴大家一起聽英文,學英文!

The Host-Ben

I'm a New Zealander with a passion for education, hiking and music. I left home with no return ticket and eventually made Taiwan my home. I love eating vegetarian food, sandwiches and home-cooking in general and I'm a big subscriber to the idea that you should live simply, give a lot much and expect a little.

The Host-Emily

I'm a small lady with a loud voice! used to have a stutter when I was little, and when I finaly grew out of it, I fell in love with the idea of talking all the time! I love sushi, heart-warming movies, funny jokes, and relaxing on wavy beaches. My secret to happiness is keeping a positive attitude and trying to find passion in everything I do!



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