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Eagle Takes Flight

American Eagle’s Asia-Pacific Headquarters was founded in 1999 by Stephanie Sun, CEO, and Elsa Wey, President, in what was considered the Silicon Valley of Taiwan - HsinChu Science Park. The company, Eagle Educational & Cultural Enterprises, Ltd. (EECE) was established with the vision of improving Taiwan’s English education to increase the competitive advantage of Taiwanese students in the global world.

Shortly after the establishment of EECE, a partnership with McGraw-Hill, a renowned American publishing company, was established to uphold its promise in providing quality English curriculum. Eagle’s commitment and dedication to continuously improving its curriculum has led to being described by the Taiwanese media as the “TSMC of English Education”.

Our Primary Goal

At EECE, we specialize in teaching English as a second language to children in Asia. Our primary goal is to develop a method of language learning which allows children to listen, to speak, to read, and to write in English without having to translate from their native language. We do this first by introducing an immersion style of learning where only English is permitted inside the classroom. In order to create a true immersion classroom environment, EECE schools hire teachers whose native language is English to teach the students. These teachers are there to not only provide a means for Asian students to learn English, but they also provide a channel for the students to understand different western cultures.

Our Breakthrough

In our decade-long battle to eliminate “Mute English” and “Translated English”, we have created immersion learning classrooms, adopted North American English curriculum standards, and also pioneered in the use of a spiral curriculum and WRITE C teaching method in Taiwan and mainland China.

With program standards aligned to those of North America, students in Asia can now fulfill the dream of learning to speak English fluently without the expense of going abroad.

Our Partners

To fulfill our promise to provide the best North American- standard curriculum, we have built close relationship and partnership with McGraw-Hill, a publically traded American company, and we have exclusive rights to distribute their New Dimension English textbook series in Asia. EECE also collaborates with other educational groups such as Scholastic, Cambridge English Language Assessment, and Houston Association for Space and Science Education.

Eagle’s Mission

Upholding Professional Excellence in English Education

The primary focus of EECE is professional excellence in English education. By recruiting dedicated and qualified people who have the know-how to research and develop books and materials, we continue to improve our methods of English education. As a team, we always put our greatest effort into achieving our ultimate goal, “Professional Excellence in English Education”.

Expanding Horizons,Going International

Learning how to listen, speak, read and write are only the basic outcomes of learning a foreign language. As a school we employ native speakers as teachers. We recognize that ESL teachers do not simply deliver or facilitate learning but also are the transmitters of culture. In developing and nurturing the knowledge of a culture, a teacher guides a student in building a cultural identity.Through experiencing different cultures of the world, students become inspired and can truly display the power of using a language.

Continuing to provide a challenging and Enjoyable Working Environment

Our teachers and staff form an international team, with members from many different countries. Our foreign teachers must be native speakers and therefore generally come from the United States, Britain, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In providing a challenging and enjoyable working environment, we continue to grow and flourish while attracting qualified professionals from different countries with these same goals in mind.

Establishing an Internationalized and Democratic Management Style

As a result of our multicultural workplace we have created a well-run, communicative environment and developed a democratic management style. Through discussion, coordination and group decision-making, everyone tries their best to achieve our goals, regardless of ethnicity or nationality.


Eagle’s Programs


Eagle’s Kindergarten Program provides English learning for children 3-6 years old. In this program, children come to Eagle on a daily basis, like they would in a regular kindergarten. We provide all-day English for children in our Eagle Kindergarten. In this program, we focus on providing a well-rounded education by focusing on: the alphabet, vocabulary, conversation, circle time, show and tell, science, math, PE, music and dance.


Eagle's Immersion program provides an enriching, English-only environment in which children age six to twelve are fully engaged in the acquisition of the English language. A variety of selected courses makes learning fun and enjoyable. Phonics, spelling, reading, writing, language arts, and science are emphasized. Regularly scheduled special activities augment the educational experience.


Eagle’s Elementary Program provides English education to children 6-15 years old. It uses a curriculum EECE developed in collaboration with McGraw-Hill. We continue to use a full English immersion environment with foreign teachers. Our systematic curriculum is the only program that can meet domestic English qualification criteria as well as international English assessment standards. We build on two vital factors, academic learning and real-world application. From the outset, Eagle’s Elementary Program has strictly upheld this standard and has cultivated many young and talented people who now have a great command of English, think critically and have gone on to study abroad.

Contact Information

To apply for the position, send an email to us with a brief cover letter,
your resume in word format, and your diploma copy,
and a recent photo, each in jpg format.

Contact Person : David Baker( recruitment@eagletw.com)
Telephone Number : 886-3-563-5733 Ext.264